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Multimedia Coverage

An overview of the audiovisual outreach of PROMISLingua

1. CeBIT 2013 - „Europe of Knowledge, Knowledge for European SMEs“
SaaS, integrated multilingual Compliance and e-Training for SMEs

Date: Thursday, 7th March 2013


Business relevant knowledge and its beneficial exchange among institutions and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Europe are becoming massively important. However, a look behind the facades of small and medium-sized companies shows that there are still gaps between “vision” and “reality” to overcome. The importance of SMEs as the economic backbone of a specific nation is not even rudimentary reflected in their knowledge and technical equipment.

For the framework period "2014 - 2020", many EU programmes aim at providing supportive measures in order to foster research and technical development in a global view to contribute to the reinforcement of the overall competitiveness and sustainability of European enterprises, in particular SMEs. More than ever before, transfer of know-how, skills and expertise becomes important and significantly contributes to the creation of new economies of scale. It is clear that if the European economy wants to remain competitive, it needs to bring more creative products and innovative services from the drawing board right onto the market.

Within a perspective of advancement of the knowledge society and an economic "development must" based on a sustainable economic growth, politicians, associations, stakeholders are demanded to take a more active role.

2. CeBIT 2012 - Stimulating the Power of SMEs and their Associations in Europe
EU live program at CeBIT Studio Mittelstand 2012

Date: Thursday, 8 March 2012


As regards associations, SMEs are more and more asking for tangible benefits.

There is e.g. the need of SMEs for easy and simple instruments, available in their own language. Instruments helping them complying with the mandatory regulations and assisting them on their way to reach the voluntary certifications.

Therefore, associations need to change their traditional role. From being only lobbying organizations they have to develop to innovative services providers for the SMEs they are serving. Otherwise they will face SMEs leaving their associations.

3. CeBIT 2011 -European SMEs have to consider themselves as Innovation Drivers - Life Broadcast

Date: 3th of March 2011