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Multilingual Integrated Compliance

The PROMISLingua project has come to a successful completion. Interact, collaborate and work with people in other languages but always speaking yours!

Thanks to the work and commitment of the PROMISLingua consortium, PROMIS® is now a multinational, multilingual and multi-client enabled solution supporting integrated compliance in 9 languages and with online interactive collaboration between SMEs, consultants and interested parties (e.g. suppliers, public authorities, banks).

PROMISLingua Press Release

Contact: Caterina Berbenni-Rehm, Exploitation & Rollout Manager
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Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona


The Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest wireless telecommunication trade show that combines a mobile industry exhibition with a congress featuring leading international mobile operators, vendors and content owners. It is also the place where mobile leaders gather, collaborate and conduct business. It provides the planet’s best venue for mobile industry networking, new business opportunities and deal-making.

The Mobile World Congress 2012 –to be held in Barcelona on 27 February to 1 March- will bring together over 60,000 mobile leaders from 200 countries. This year's Congress will include:

  • A world-class thought leadership conference featuring visionary keynotes (including eBay, Google and Nokia) and action-provoking panel discussions
  • An exhibition with more than 1,400 companies displaying the cutting-edge products and technology that will define the mobile future
  • An even bigger App Planet, the new Centre of the Apps Universe
  • An awards programme that highlights the most innovative mobile solutions and initiatives from around the world
  • And most importantly, the planet's best venue for mobile industry networking, finding business opportunities, and making deals

If you're interested in learning more about the Mobile World Congress, take the Augmented Reality 3D Experience and Augmented Reality 360 Experience and feel what it’s like to attend the 2012 GSMA Mobile World Congress.

Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with the leaders of the mobile industry, register for the event today. If you have any questions about the GSMA Mobile World Congress, please click here and a member of the organization team will assist you.


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Fast Access to Expert’s Knowledge for Enterprises Concerning Cloud Computing

International platform for business know-how:
EuroCloud Germany and PROMIS@Service Sarl sign partnership agreement

Cologne, 08.09.2011 - EuroCloud-Germany, the federation of Cloud Computing Business, will soon provide expert knowledge for Cloud Computing via the web based solution PROMIS® from PROMIS@Service Sarl.

With this software-as-a-service-application, business information will be made available internationally over the Web. The solution translates documents into nine languages thereby making the expertise of a particular country available to all interested parties. EuroCloud Germany_eco will provide the "Guide to Legal, Privacy & Compliance" and information on the EuroCloud Star Audit SaaS via PROMIS®.

- To read all the press release download the document here: EuroCloud PROMIS® Press Release 2011

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Multilingual Technologies to support Integrated Compliance in small Organisations

PROMISLingua, a European project partially funded by the European Commission CIP-PSP started on April, 1st 2011 and was kicked-off on the 14th April 2011 in the beautiful scenery of the medieval Chateau de Bourglinster in Luxemburg.

A consortium composed by 6 leading SMEs including the largest European SME Association and 1 public body, have come together to build up a Public-Private-Partnership with the aim to contribute to the consolidation of a pan-European Digital Single Market by stimulating cross-lingual communication, collaboration and participation.

PROMISLingua objectives are the translation, localisation and rollout of the existing PROMIS® online service (at present available in English, German and Italian) in additional six languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Greek, Romanian and Hungarian), in order to deliver a cost-efficient and easy-to-use Internet based service enabling SMEs to sustain and extend their business cross-border into European markets and to comply thereby with all Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Regulations.

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European SMEs have to consider themselves as Innovation Drivers - Life Broadcast

On Thursday, 3rd March, during the CeBIT 2011, a 35 minutes Business Talk life broadcast on “European SMEs have to consider themselves as Innovation Drivers” took place at the CeBIT Studio Mittelstand, headed by Mr. Andreas Fischer. Participants were the European Investment Fund (link to EIF): Mr. Hubert Cottogni, Head of Regional Business Development and Mr. Nitan Pathak, Investment Manager in the Venture Capital team; Union Européenne des petites et moyennes Enterprises (Link to UEAPME): Mr. Andrea Benassi, Secretary General; and PROMIS@Service (link to), Luxemburg: Mrs. Caterina Berbenni-Rehm, Chief Executive Officer.

The dialogue among participants answered questions like:

  • With special reference to increasing regulatory requirements: Why is it possible to make an active effort in corporate governance and the creation of space for all parties involved by means of future-oriented technologies?
  • What possibilities are there providing simplified access to EU programs and activating the leverage on private investments taken into account the European Investment Fund?
  • Speaking of „accumulated power“: What is the role of European innovation collaborations in terms of accelerating the research, development and the commercial launch of innovations?
  • With special reference to SMEs: What are the main reasons leading to an obvious gap in quality and quantity of ICT application in the different regions and member states of the EU?

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