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Policy Events

2011-10-06 — 2011-10-06

The benefits of the Digital Agenda for SMEs: towards simplification, enhanced cross-border trade and diversified access to finance

Policy Events

European Parliament, Brussels

Small businesses are key drivers for growth in the EU and beyond, but their potential is hindered by various obstacles. The digital agenda aims to address some of these obstacles in helping small enterprises taking full advantage of the opportunities available in the Digital single market, but it is crucial to raise further awareness of its benefits as its potential is still largely unexploited by this category of users. UEAPME (The European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and ACCA ( the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) are therefore jointly organising a high level conference on the benefits of the Digital agenda for SMEs under the umbrella of the EU SME Week 2011. It was hosted by Paul Rübig, MEP and took place at the European Parliament in Brussels. The main goal was to showcase and disseminate best practices illustrating that the digital agenda can be used as a tool to remove administrative, cross-border trade, and access to finance barriers for SMEs and to open the debate on the remaining obstacles and the future policy options.